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Merchants in the News

A Value View Episode 10: Opportunity From Uncertainty

Simon Gergel reflects on what has been a fascinating year so far, with politics driving market volatility globally and the UK market becoming increasingly polarised. He talks about finding opportunities from this situation.

A Value View Episode 9: What does it mean to be a value investor?

In his latest podcast, Simon Gergel, Portfolio Manager of The Merchants Trust, discusses what it means to be a value investor and how the team implements this across the Merchants portfolio of high yielding shares.

Edison Research: Celebrating 130th birthday with higher dividend

Simon Gergel highlights the Trust’s growing income stream, long-term capital growth and above-average dividend yield.

A Value View Episode 8: Celebrating 130 years

Simon reflects on how it all began in 1889, the Trust’s aims to provide an investment solution for individual investors then and now and how the Merchants of yesterday differs to the vehicle it is today.

Fund Focus on Merchants

In this Sunday Times article, journalist Holly Black looks at The Merchants Trust, summarising its investment remit, performance and dividend yield. The piece also quotes Simon Gergel on the merits of investing in the UK amidst current market uncertainty.

Celebrating 130 years and looking to the future

The Merchants Trust is celebrating its 130th birthday in 2019. In this article, Simon Gergel looks back at how the Merchants portfolio has changed over time and how reaching 130 provides a sense of perspective. He also reviews his own experience at the helm of Merchants since 2006.

A Value View Episode 7: Happy New Year and Happy Birthday

In his first podcast of 2019, Simon Gergel, Portfolio Manager of The Merchants Trust, shares his insights on the latest developments affecting the UK stock market. Not only are we at the start of a new year but also a landmark anniversary year for Merchants.

A Value View Episode 6: Challenges and Opportunities

Listen in as Simon emphasises that  market volatility, as witnessed in October, can give rise to opportunity.  He notes that that any divergence in the share prices of different sectors and even different companies could enable investors to take advantage of potentially compelling valuations.

A Value View Episode 5: Looking Forward, Looking Back

Simon takes a look back at the first half of the year, a fascinating period that’s been characterised by global political challenges. Simon also considers market prospects for the rest of 2018 and the factors that may have an impact.

A Value View Episode 4: Of Trust(s) and Transparency

In the latest podcast, Simon is joined by Mary Ann Sieghart, one of Merchants’ Non-executive Directors, who joined the board in November 2014. Together, Mary Ann and Simon explore the importance of transparency in communication.

Still finding winners in the UK

Although uncertainty prevails, Corporate appetite for ‘UK PLC’ backs up Simon Gergel's view the UK stock market is one of the cheapest markets in the developed world right now. There are stock opportunities out there and Simon's focus remains on strong franchises with distinct business models.

Warming to investment trusts

150 years since the first investment trust was launched, Adam Gent (AllianzGI’s Head of Retail/Wholesale Northern Europe) looks at how these closed-ended funds have adapted to investors’ needs over time.

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