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Bull vs Bear: BP

Simon Gergel CIO, UK Equities

For the third episode in Investors Chronicle Bull vs Bear series, Simon Gergel, Manager of The Merchants Trust kicks the investment tyres of oil and gas giant BP, one of the biggest dividend payers in the FTSE 100. In the bulls' corner is Simon Gergel, and facing him is natural resources writer (and host) Alex Newman.

Still finding winners in the UK

Although uncertainty prevails, Corporate appetite for ‘UK PLC’ backs up Simon Gergel's view the UK stock market is one of the cheapest markets in the developed world right now. There are stock opportunities out there and Simon's focus remains on strong franchises with distinct business models.

Warming to investment trusts

150 years since the first investment trust was launched, Adam Gent (AllianzGI’s Head of Retail/Wholesale Northern Europe) looks at how these closed-ended funds have adapted to investors’ needs over time.

Edison Research: Merchants Trust Review - May 2018

Edison Research's review of Merchants Trust, dated May 2018.

Bull vs. Bear: GlaxoSmithKline

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is a company which divides opinion and in this Investors Chronicle Bull vs Bear episode, Simon Gergel from the Merchants Trust argues the bull case against the ICs pharma specialist (and GSK sceptic), Megan Boxall.

A Value View Episode 3: Respect the Investment Environment

Simon throws a light on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues and what it all means for investors. He explains why sustainability and the ethical impact of investing rank high amongst the broad range of criteria that investors and fund managers consider these days. 

Edition 3: A Value View

In the third of his Sunday Telegraph columns, Simon Gergel looks at the current economic landscape in the UK and explains why he’s not ready to write off the UK’s long-term economic prospects just yet. 

Investment Trust Spring Update

Welcome to the latest Investment Trust Update from Allianz Global Investors. In this issue, we are pleased to share with you; what’s new, ISAs – the clock is ticking, inflation busting Investment Trusts, Awards, the rise of platform investing ( and how to choose), and in the news.

A Value View Episode 2: The Health of the UK PLC

Are London listed equities as UK focused as we think? Why should investors choose the UK? Where we are with interest rates in the UK, and if a rate rise goes ahead how it would affect the outlook of the UK.

Leading lights for investment growth

The Merchants Trust PLC received press coverage in The Mail on Sunday on 25 March 2018. The Trust was profiled in the popular ‘Midas’ column, following a meeting Simon Gergel had with Joanne Hart.

Edition 2: A Value View

In this edition Simon looks at how the landscape for income seekers has changed since the trust began and explains why we believe equities can provide an income when other options fail.

A Value View

Simon Gergel gives his views to the Sunday Telegraph on M&A activity in the UK market and where he is finding value.

Bull vs Bear: BP

For the third episode in Investors Chronicle Bull vs Bear series, Simon Gergel kicks the investment tyres of oil and gas giant BP, one of the biggest dividend payers in the FTSE 100. In the bulls' corner is Simon Gergel, and facing him is natural resources writer (and host) Alex Newman.

A Value View, Episode 1: Brexit and the UK economy

Welcome to “A Value View”, the first in an exciting series of topical podcasts from The Merchants Trust. Each month Simon Gergel, fund manager of The Merchants Trust, will offer his thoughts on developments affecting the UK market, and what they mean for investors.

Alliance Trust Savings: Looking back in time in order to invest for the future

Simon Gergel reviews 2017 and casts his mind back much further, to 1987, when The Merchants Trust took out a loan that is shortly to be refinanced. Simon considers how market movements and recent trends compare with those of 30 years ago, when the Bank of England base rate stood at 8.375%.

Investment Trust Forum

On Tuesday 14th November Simon Gergel participated in Allianz Global Investors “Navigating the Future” Investment Trust Conference.

Edison Research: Benefits from announced debt refinancing

The trust has announced a refinancing of its first tranche of high-cost debt, which will bring its effective cost of borrowing down from 8.5% to 6.1%, saving £2.8m in annual interest costs and locking in low-cost funding for the next 35 years.

Alliance Trust Savings ‘Taking Stock’: Doing the Right Thing

Doing the right thing… and keeping the Merchants Trust portfolio on track. Simon Gergel discusses how he uses environmental research to help shape The Merchants Trusts portfolio.

You have to be in the market to beat the market; reasons to consider The Merchants Trust PLC as a regular savings vehicle

With markets at an all-time high, investors may think twice before investing in the stock market in case prices start to drop and their investments suffer.

Alliance Trust Savings ‘Taking Stock’

Where does the world go from here? Simon Gergel considers how political unpredictability could shape politics for many years to come and speculates on what this could mean for global stock markets.

AIC Dividend heroes: Merchants’ 34 years of growing dividends

The Association of Investment Companies (AIC) has released the latest list of dividend heroes – those investment companies that have increased their dividends each year for 20 years or more.

Mail on Sunday: 34 years of dividend increases… we’re the Merchants of boom

The Merchants Trust was featured in the Mail on Sunday’s popular ‘Fund Focus’ commentary on 22 January 2017.

Edison Research: High income and dividend growth

The Merchants Trust (MRCH) invests in a portfolio of primarily large-cap UK equities aiming to generate income and long-term capital growth.

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