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Investment trusts are quoted companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. Their share prices are determined by factors including the balance of supply and demand in the market, which means that the shares may trade below (at a discount to) or above (at a premium to) the underlying net asset value.

Merchants seeks to enhance returns for its shareholders through gearing, in the form of long-term, fixed rate debentures. Gearing can boost the Trust’s returns when investments perform well, though losses can be magnified when investments lose value. You should be aware that this Trust may be subject to sudden and large falls in value and you could suffer substantial capital loss. This investment trust charges 65% of its annual management fee to the capital account and 35% to revenue. This could lead to a higher level of income but capital growth will be constrained as a result. Derivatives are used to manage the trust efficiently.

Investment Policy
The company’s policy is to remain substantially fully invested. The company has the facility to gear – borrow money – with the objective of enhancing future returns. Historically, the gearing has been in the form of long term, fixed-rate debentures. The board monitors the level of gearing and makes decisions on the appropriate action based on the advice of the manager and the future prospects of the company’s portfolio.
The company’s authorised borrowing powers set out in the Articles state that the company’s borrowings may not exceed its called up share capital and reserves. The board’s policy is to maintain gearing (borrowings as a percentage of net assets) in the range of 10-25% (at the time of drawdown).
Risk Diversification
The Company will aim to achieve a spread of investments, with no single investment representing more than 15% of assets. The Company will seek to diversify its portfolio into at least five market sectors, with no one sector comprising more than 35% of the portfolio.

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